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Hotmail Accedi / Hotmail sign in – Hotmail e-mail is a free email service from Microsoft. Hotmail was the first and the best mail service, came out in 1995. Microsoft offers 5 GB of space worthy for Hotmail, Outlook accounts and 25 GB for Windows Live onedrive (Skydrive). MSN Hotmail e-mail accounts can be created with simple instructions at the end of this tutorial

hotmail accedi-hotmail sign in

In 1997, Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft and relaunched as MSN Hotmail email. Later renamed to Windows Live Mail. Microsoft has released the hotmail final product in 2011. Later, the Hotmail site is replaced by Outlook in 2013.Hotmail was the first webmail services on the Internet, but was overtaken by Gmail. However Hotmail get a webmail service remains extremely popular and is one of the web services with greater notoriety and relief on the World Wide Web.

Hotmail sign in/Hotmail Accedi – Hotmail login

You can no longer access the Hotmail via, as has been interrupted the old Hotmail, however it is still possible to create email addresses with the “@” suffix, but the Outlook page. Microsoft has decided to celebrate its new range of features, navigation options and its new look more modern and attractive with a new breath to the Outlook. Microsoft also trying to simplify the use of Hotmail and Outlook within the Microsoft platform services network.

Hotmail Accedi – Hotmail sign in

If you are interested in being part of the “MSN Hotmail email” network and start accessing the services available from Microsoft, you are at the right place. In this tutorial you will find how to create, open and navigate your hotmail email. So being able to browse through all your inbox, receiving, sending, deleting and filing messages from your day to day. Read and carefully check

Old MSN Hotmail e-mail account is the same and not have to worry about new Outlook interface, Hotmail is now renovated to brand new Outlook with exciting new features, new user interface, incredible benefits of the inbox, now the color theme and options for a custom Hotmail.

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È inoltre possibile controllare – badooo accedi

If you are old Hotmail users then stay cool, because when was launched the new version can Hotmail users was the concern and research, where are my Hotmail for all Hotmail users should not worry and email address, the username and password will remain the same.

Hotmail Sign in – It ‘s very simple and basic to complete the email registration MSN Hotmail email. If you still do not have an account on the Microsoft Network or the need to create a new account on the Microsoft platform with the suffixes “”, “@” or “@”, then follow the simple steps provided in this tutorial.

Hotmail Accedi / Msn Hotmail mail – accedi

1. Open or or click . You are redirected to

hotmail accedi-hotmail sign in

2. If you already have an email account, enter your email and password in the text boxes, or click Click here to “Create/Register/Sign up”

3. On the next page fill up the basic details such as “Name”, “User Name”, “password”, “Confirm password”, “Country / region”, “Birthday”, “Sex”, ” country code “and” telephone number “.

hotmail accedi-hotmail sign in
4. You can choose the MSN Hotmail (@ or Outlook email (@ or direct mail (@ from the dropdown menu, as shown in the picture

hotmail accedi-hotmail sign in
5. Finally enter the captcha shown in the picture and click “ Create an Account

MSN Hotmail login – It will be brought to your inbox. Now you can enjoy the MSN hotmail mail services. From the next time, you can log in with the email address and password.

Msn hotmail posta – Hotmail Accedi/ Hotmail sign in

This Outlook E-mail, mail MSN Hotmail or Live Mail under the Microsoft platform is integrated with several popular services. important services are:

Skype – it is a software that enables voice and video communication over the Internet. By enabling free calls between users anywhere in the world. Founded in 2003, Skype has arrived on the market in order to bring the communication between you among your friends and family.

Onedrive – this is a cloud storage service from your Microsoft account. You can store and host any folder, document files from several Gigas. By offering 30 GB of storage space for onedrive files is a very useful service for those people they have a lot to save.

I hope this tutorial provided essential details for creating a mail account MSN Hotmail. If there are any questions, comment here. I will help you do solved

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